"Thank you Father (God) for the life changing experience that blessed me and others with the training we needed to learn who we are in Christ Jesus. And how to express our proper train of thoughts..."Tiffany B.

"Since starting this seminar I've grown tremendously....
I can honestly say that no certificate I've ever received has ever felt as wonderful as the certificate I received graduating from "Detoxifying the Soul". I feel clean for the first time in my life. I've learned to control my mind and not let my mind control me..."  April K.

"I would like to share how much these classes have really allowed me to grow and know so, so, much of the Love of God that He has for us. This whole course has been painfully pleasing. I say this because the pain I've been through dying to alot of myself has also allowed me to be pleased with God's new creation in me. It brought me and my family closer. I had a brother in whom I had not spoken to in 27 years. But through the grace of God and Sister Cathy's teachings  I've gained the respect and courage to be back into his life."                      

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